Permanent loss of inches around your waist with the best Waist cincher corset.

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Losing inches around your waist with a Corset Waist Training, is this possible? 

We can say YES! and will explain why! 

From the 1600s wearing a corset was very popular and used to make your waist  permanently slimmer.
Wearing a waist training corset was as normal as wearing a belt. 
You'll probably have seen it in movies, women who wore their corsets as tight as possible to get a tiny waist.
In the 50s you actually only saw women with a Coca Cola shape figure, never wonder how that was possible?


Train your waist by exercise only is very difficult, almost impossible, unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful slim waist / hourglass figure. 
We can train our muscles but our waist will unfortunately not be much slimmer.
What could be more feminine than a sexy small waist? A beautiful Coca Cola shape / hourglass figure with curves? 

But how is it possible to lose inches and slim your waist permanently with Corset Waist Training? 

Through proper waist training corset to wear and that's a waist training corset with 24 steel boning, steel boned corset also mentioned you can permanently change your waistline. 

Alert!, There are many fake corsets on the market that contain no steel boning, but plastic boning, this means you cannot change your waistline permanently and are a scam! 

It works like this, if you have patience and you wear your corset daily you will lose guaranteed inches around your waist within a short period of time. Everybody ‘s body is different and when one goes faster than the other. (Coming up more on this later) 

Your organs will be moved, sounds pretty scary right? 
But it is not! 
When women are pregnant, the organs are also moving this is a natural process and absolutely not dangerous, so it works with Corset Waist Trainer the same way! 
There have already been many studies on this subject, and has shown that it is not dangerous as long as you’re not going too far. Do everything in moderation! 
Before you start going, I suggest you to go out on your own research and consult with your doctor. 



My own experiences with  the Corset Waist Trainer 

I tried the waist training corset for myself and I am very excited about the results, 
After 3 months I had already lost 5 inches around my waist by using my waist trainer. 
- In the first week I started to wear my corset 2-3 hours per day (not too tight breathing should be easy and should not hurt) 
- In the 2nd week I wore my corset 4-7 hours per day (slightly tighter but feels still comfortable) 
- In the 3rd week I wore my corset 7-9 hours (again slightly tighter) 
- From week 6, I sometimes even sleep in my corset

You will need to feel for yourself how tight you can wear your trainer and how much time you need to wear it tighter, the self should absolutely not hurt and breathing must also be easy. 
I must say that I had to get used to it in the first 3 days, just because sit right often straight and bend over a lot.
I must say that the waist training corset changed my life in a good way.
My attitude is much better I walk and sit straight so i also feel a lot more confident, I do eat less because I get full quickly and I have a slimmer waist! 


What should you look for when buying a Corset Waist Trainer? 

- Corsets must be fitted with steel bones minimum of 20 pieces (24 pieces is perfect)
- Measure your waist before you buy
- Many websites claim to have the original waist trainers, always ask if they have 24 pieces steel boning. 

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