Lady Habits Summer collection online!

We are happy and proud to announce that our Summer collection is online! A collection that will take your breath away. Our newest body con bandage dresses and jumpsuits are a treasure to your closet thanks to the body hugging bandage fabric and mesmerising designs.


Powerful and trendy colours

For this collection we were inspired by the botanical gardens and their powerful, attractive colours. You can find dresses with gorgeous shades of green and pastel colours in our webshop. But of course we’ve also got the monochrome and timeless colours black and white, which are perfect...


Festival season has officially kicked off and that means that we’re mixing and matching the hottest trends of the season in an effortlessly cool way. Festivals are all about the easy and breezy party outfits, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be fabulous. Stay true to your inner goddess and  combine our glamorous body con bandage dresses and jumpsuits with some bohemian accessories and laidback styles.


Tips and tricks for a glamorous festival outfit

But how do you mix and match a glamorous body con bandage dress with a pair of cowboy boots? It’s like mixing brownies with salt. If you don’t use the right dose...

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Vixen doesn’t start with a capital V for nothing! The low v-neck in a body con dress is the reason why all those necks turn around and those eyes pop out.

En what’s even better is that our bandage dresses are so strong that it gives your cleavage an extra boost.


In our bandage dresses with low v-neck you are guaranteed of a high self-esteem and bombshell glow.

Be the centre of attention in our finest body con bandage dresses and jumpsuits with deep v-neck!



Aanye white bandage dress with deep v-neck

This gorgeous dress has a stylish colour combination with khaki green and white. The...

Losing inches around your waist with a Corset Waist Training, is this possible? 

We can say YES! and will explain why! 

From the 1600s wearing a corset was very popular and used to make your waist  permanently slimmer.
Wearing a waist training corset was as normal as wearing a belt. 
You'll probably have seen it in movies, women who wore their corsets as tight as possible to get a tiny waist.
In the 50s you actually only saw women with a Coca Cola shape figure, never wonder how that was possible?


Train your waist by exercise only is very difficult, almost impossible, unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful...

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We are beyond happy with our newest collection that we have to offer to you this coming Summer! A mesmerising collection full of the hottest body con dresses, body con bandage dresses and jaw dropping jump suits. We know for sure that you will fall head over heels in love with this collection! And yes we are very convinced of that, and when you see our newest collection you will understand where we are coming from. This time it was a greater challenge to find and select the perfect items to be sure that we can please all you style queens out there. It’s a daily struggle to stay on top of the game. But hey, no pain, no gain...

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It’s almost that time to celebrate our monarchie! Not that the royal family is so interesting, but we do love us some royal party’s. And a party it will definitely be this year! 

And you wil be partying all night and day like a real queen in our gorgeous body con bandage dresses.


New dresses at Lady Habits

And the good news is that we have new dresses online!
Body con dresses that will accentuate your femininity en bring out that inner femme fatale in you.



Aayat khaki green body con dress with deep v- neck and long sleeves

Show your curves and flawless style in this gorgeous dress with deep v-neck...


Sweet kisses underneath the mistletoe, shimmering lights, nostalgic songs, lovely presents and happiness overload, it’s almost that time of the year again! 


We are so counting down until Christmas. We can’t wait to spend the days with our loved ones, eat lots and lots of food, get spoiled rotten with presents and last but definitely not least, looking absolutely stunning in our lovely body con bandage dresses.


Look like a million bucks in our Christmas dresses

We have selected some glamorous Christmas dresses to make sure that you’ll have the best Christmas ever! 

And the great news is, you can look...

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Baby it’s cold outside… But that won’t stop us from doing what we do!

Last week the Lady Habits production team created some magic in the Pincoffs hotel in Rotterdam. Together with our brand rep Noury, photographer Roxanne, hair stylist Cedric Maduro and make up artist Christina, Svetlana headed off to this majestic hotel to shoot our latest fashion collection.



Make up artist Christina turned gorgeous Noury into a femme fatale, she didn't need much to get there


It was such a blast with the production team! It’s always a big thing to create something with so much passion.

We are thankful for...

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The new month has started and we are counting the days ‘till we can walk around the streets in our dresses and skirts again! Spring is just around the corner and we we’re definitely feeling the Spring vibes here at the Lady Habits headquarters. We’re falling head over heels with our amazing new dresses that we have selected for you lovely ladies for our newest Spring collection.


We can’t wait to show you our newest collection with lots and lots of gorgeous body con dresses in the loveliest colours and jaw dropping styles. But for now you just have to sit and wait while we show you our bestsellers. We had a few...

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Black Angelica midi dress with sexy detail on the back 


Now that the party season is officially over and we’re still recovering from that overdose of food, Christmas presents and partying, it’s time for some serious new year, new me, new wardrobe- time!

Today we're talking details, details, and a little bit more details.

How do you bring a little sparkle in a simple dress? Yes boo, with a dash of details!


Even though the season of glitz and glamour is over, a real it-girl is glitz and glamour.

And if you are one or want to become one, take a look a in our webshop and this blog about how to stay on top of...

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