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Hooray! Our newest collection of sexy body con dresses and it-girl must haves are online. All eyes are on you when you’re wearing Lady Habits.

Are you looking for something spectacular, something that will make your heart beat faster and something that is good for your bank account? Don’t look any further, because we’ve got it all for you!


How do you get an evening you won't forget? It’s so easy. Just believe me when I say: shop our body con bandage dresses now and our dresses will do the work!

This party season is just getting started now that we have the most desired dresses in our webshop just for...

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Wanna look fabulous and hot for that spectacular party this weekend, but you don’t have a lot of dough to spend right now? Don’t worry, ‘cause Lady Habits’ got your back!

Next to our latest collection, we offer you a great collection of sale items in our webshop. 

Go directly to our dresses for a low price

You don’t have to be rich to get that mesmerizing red carpet look.


Are you looking for a fashionable two piece dress with long sleeves and an eye popping colour, a  lovely lace dress with a playful back or maybe a classy black midi dress with a sensational design for less? We’ve got it all for...

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When you think of the colour red, the words passion, love, heart and hot pop up in your head. 

So no wonder that a little red dress will heat things up. 


A red body con bandage dress will definitely get things going the way you want it.

The intensity of this colour makes hearts beat faster and heads turn wilder. If a sexy body con dress will make you feel like a goddess, imagine how a red body con bandage dress will make you feel!

We’ve selected our best and hottest red dresses for you so you can heat things up during these cold days. 



Ari sexy red bandage dress with deep v-neck

Turn up the heat in...

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Are you one of the many women who stopped chasing their new years resolutions? Is your gym membership collecting dust and your gym outfit hanging in the back of your closet, but you really do want that sexy summer body? Don’t worry, because with our Lady Habits waist training corset you too can show off that sexy waistline and shine like a real celebrity in one of our beautiful body con dresses.



Kim Kardashian- West became world famous with her hourglass figure. She too wears the waist training corset to keep everythingh in it's place.


Which celebrity’s wear the waist training corset

It almost...

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It’s almost that lovey dovey time of the year again! The day that you declare your love for the first, or for the millionth time, to your one and only lover.

On Valentines day he showers you with roses, chocolate, a romantic diner and maybe some lovely jewellery. The least that you can do is look like you are worth every cent. And how do you say I love you in a stylish way on Valentines day? With a sexy heart shaped body con bandage dress of course!


Today we are showing you our sexy heart shaped dresses that will blow his mind and make him fall head over heels in love with you (again). 




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The best dresses for Sensation 2016: Angels and Demons


One night, one show, two dress codes

If there’s any party that you have to experience, it has to be Sensation! A worldwide phenomenon in the party scene, that all started in The Netherlands.

The biggest party where there is one golden rule: the dress code White. Everything and everyone is dressed in the best, white outfits. But this year it’s gonna be a little bit different at Sensation Amsterdam.

The theme of this year’s Sensation party isn’t called Angels and Demons if it didn't have a new twist.

Black and White are the two dress codes for this year’s...

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