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This years summer continues longer then expected and that makes us all very happy ofcourse. You probably already have had your holiday, so you must be really relaxed and full of energy. For those who are still planning to go on holiday, thats a pretty nice thing looking forward too ofcourse! Thanks to facebook and instagram we all enjoyed the nices photos from our friends and family on a beach, a festival or in a beautiful jungle. However, nothing beats photos wear people our shining on one of our dresses! We love to see our great dresses worn by so many beautiful people, it really makes us proud doing what we do.

It's already...


Midi dresses are hot! A-list stars like Kim Kardashian and Christina Milian are spotted in this long sleeved burgundy midi dress with keyhole in the front.


This burgundy midi dress from Lady Habits is stylish and gives you that effortlessly chic feeling. It's a knee length dress that falls beautifully and subtile and the keyhole in the front gives you that sexy touch, but not over the top, thanks to the long sleeves. The back is simple with an invincible zipper. 



How do you style the burgundy midi dress?

The colour and design of the burgundy midi dress are eye catching, so you don't need much to...

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How did I get a flat stomach again within two months after the birth of my child? Thanks to Lady Habits' waist training corset! Just ike all women, I had a long-cherished desire to become a mother. But honestly, I didn't really like looking forward to train off all those pregnancy weights again.

I caught myself postponing my pregnancy. In the beginning I wanted to start have children on my 21st, which soon become 23 years, and before I knew it I was 25 years old with an ambition for a career, so there was no personal time no more. One day I woke up and I was suddenly 30 years old, and then i wondered that my biological clock didn't...

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Every it-girl knows that the struggle is real to stay on top of your game. So many choices and distractions and so little time. 

What's hot and what is totally not? Some of you are born with it and some just need a little more time and inspiration to keep up with the competition. For the lady’s who need some extra help to stay on track this so called fashion game we have some undeniable dresses that every it-girl has to have in her closet. 


Here are some essentials dresses that every lady has to have in her closet to leave an unforgettable impression.



The social event

We all have those social affairs where you...

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