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Wearing a bodycon dress is a bold statement of self-esteem and body confidence. The name of the dress comes from a contraction of the words body conscious. Made of lycra composites , this dress clings to the body, presentation of the figure , and little to the imagination . Bodycon dresses must be correct to avoid . Accessorised in a disaster That means choosing the right shoes or boots , tights , belt , jacket , and jewelry . The tight nature of the dress means that even more important than usual to wear . Proper underwear Bodycon dresses can be wear . Accessorised both day and evening

For women who have some extra body confidence before pulling a bodycon dress need shapewear is available to reduce cellulite and slightly reducing the body size . If the dress is very close fitting , avoiding visible panty lines is crucial. Bodycon dresses and accessories can be found at designer stores , high street clothing stores and department stores . eBay also has a huge range of bodycon dresses , as well as every imaginable accessory , allowing buyers to get the look they want to create .

What is a Bodycon Dress?

A bodycon dress is a one - piece figure hugging garment that clings tightly to the body of the bust to the bottom . It usually has three lengths : upper leg , mid-thigh or knee . Bodycon dresses are usually made ​​of lycra and polyester blend them enough elasticity to give the figure. Smoothly hug This form-fitting dresses are popular as evening wear , but are increasingly behaving like to wear when accessorised correctly and creatively . Day Bodycon dresses have evolved from a simple style and now appear in different guises . Some bodycon dresses are strapless , while others have wide straps or sleeves . The neck is usually low , with a significant amount of cleavage. Many bodycon dresses are cut away sections and peepholes along the side of the dresses , and others are backless .

Who should wear a Bodycon Dress?

Bodycon dresses cling to every curve of the body , so it takes a confident woman to successfully carry out the look. The tight nature of the dress emphasizes the silhouette and lends itself most successfully to slim and shapely women .

hourglass figure

The hourglass shaped woman has just as generously proportioned hips and chest , and a well-defined waist . This luscious curves work well with a bodycon dress and the dress can be hugely flattering .

Pear shaped figure

Pear shaped women have small chests, but wide hips . This figure is generally not suitable for bodycon dresses . The cling material emphasizes the hips , and makes the body look unbalanced or poorly proportioned.

Apple shaped figure

Apple shaped women have a wide belly , wide hips , and no waist definition . In this figure, a bodycon dress gives the appearance lack of roundness and shape in the body.

Inverted Triangle Figure

Women with an inverted triangle , or heart-shaped figures have a large bust , narrow hips and no waist definition . This figure is not suitable for bodycon dresses as it emphasizes the triangular shape of the silhouette and gives the illusion of an extra wide upper body.